While the AI automatically knows the increase Holiday pricing (seasonality), we have found users want their Holiday prices higher. In this article, we'll walk you through how to use our Rules feature to price your Holidays!

While on the Rules Page, click "Create New Rule" on the right hand side of the page.

Name your rule. In this example, we'll name it Christmas +20% because we're increasing Christmas Holiday prices by 20%. Choose the unit(s) you want this rule to apply to.

Select the specific Holiday dates, and days of the week you want to include. We selected December 22-27 and included every day of the week.

Next, set the AI price adjustment. We want to set a percentage here, so we input +20%. Pro tip: You don't have to set a minimum or maximum price here, the AI will default to the global min/max prices.

Click "Save" to activate your rule.

To see your new prices, head to the Units Page and click "Generate Prices".

Pro Tip: A greyed out button means the job is running, this may take up to a few minutes as the AI is recalculating your prices.

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