On the Units page, you may see a link to "Errors and Warnings" below the last activity. This will show you any issues that arose during the last time Perfect Price processed its jobs. You won't see the link if there are no errors or warnings, so if you don't see it–that's great! Everything is working smoothly.

Know that you are not charged for units with errors or warnings, including (especially) ones that are outside of supported regions.

If you do see it, know that some warnings can be ignored, and many errors and warnings can be resolved by you. Here are common fixes.

Missing Data

Removing these properties because they have missing or invalid attribute(s)

The most common issue is a warning for units or properties with missing or invalid data, which are removed prior to loading into Perfect Price (note we never update your actual property data in your PMS, so do not worry: nothing has been removed from your PMS).

To load into Perfect Price, every unit must have certain attributes saved in your PMS. The most common missing attribute is latitude and longitude, though look at your warnings to see exactly what is missing. Nothing should be blank.

To resolve this, log into your PMS to add missing attributes. The system automatically retries every 2 hours and your units should load after that.

Unsupported Locations

Removing properties in unsupported or unrecognized regions:

If your property or unit is outside of the area where Perfect Price covers, you will see it in warnings. You can ignore this, as there is nothing to be done about it until we support that area or region. You are never charged for these properties.

Yield Variable (Streamline only)

Error response from API call: The yield rates update is not enabled for your company.

If you see the above error, it is because Streamline has not turned on the yielding setting for your company. Open a ticket with Streamline to resolve this. See our article on Streamline for more information about this.

Status Codes

Failed to receive status code 200. Received 500.

Frequently receiving a status code other than 200 means that the API credentials have expired or been revoked. Please reconnect the API in your PMS, or contact Perfect if you believe this is in error.

Other issues

This covered the primary and most common issues you will see as errors or warnings. If you see one that is not listed here, and is not obvious, just reach out to us and we'll help you sort it out!

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