Are you having trouble connecting to your PMS? Below are the most common ways you can troubleshoot on your end:

1. Is it an active property, ie. is it enabled in the PMS?

Log into your PMS and make sure your properties are "active" or "enabled" otherwise they won't transfer over to Perfect Price and you'll receive an error message when attempting to connect.

2. Is the property in the continental US or Puerto Rico?

Unfortunately, we're currently only supporting properties in the continental US or Puerto Rico. We're always making updates to our software, so this may change in the future!

3. Does the listing have the required pieces of information?

  • Property ID, Listing Title, Country, State, City --> must be non-empty strings
  • Latitude & Longitude --> these 2 fields must be numeric and can’t be 0
  • Max guests -> has to be a positive number
  • Bedrooms & bathrooms -> has to be a non-negative number

If you're still experiencing difficulties connecting your PMS to Perfect Price, please send us a chat via the lower right hand corner and one of our team members will get back to you!

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