The Units page lists all the units/properties that have been transferred over from your PMS.

Once your PMS and Perfect Price have completely integrated, the Units page should list all your units/properties. Quickly eyeball the list to ensure all properties have transferred over. Please reach out to us if this is not the case.

Generate and Deploy prices from this page

  1. Click on the "Generate prices" button when you want the AI to propagate new prices, say you edited comparables and want to see your new nightly base price.
  2. Click "Deploy & Update Prices" when you want to immediately push said prices to your PMS (note that our system is automated and prices are pushed nightly automatically).

Manually "Activate" which units/properties you wish for the system to deploy

Before our system pushes any prices to your PMS, you must "activate" the unit/property by toggling that unit/property "on" like in the GIF below:

Note: We will only bill you for the units that are toggled "on".

Manually "Activate" the min stay feature

Similarly to toggling the deploy button to "activate" the unit/property, you'll have to toggle Min Stays "on" in order to access that feature for that specific unit.

Conveniently see when was the last time the system ran a "job"

You'll be able to see exactly when we last optimized your prices, or last deployed said prices to your PMS. This ensures you're kept in the loop at all times!

Edit your min/base prices for each unit/property

In order to set up pricing, you must edit your min/base prices. These are also called global minimum and maximum prices. We built our system so the AI never prices below the global minimum, providing extra peace of mind.

Access the Units Detail page

To access the Units Detail page for a specific unit, simply click into whichever unit you want to dig into. In the screenshot below, we want to see more information for the "Beautiful Home Off Magazine" property, so we'd simply click the hyperlink.

We'll be taken to the Unit Detail page, and there we'll be able to see the calendar, events, and list of comparables for that unit.

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