The AI generates comparables automatically and the can be seen on the Unit Detail page. Sometimes you may manage two or more near-identical units in the same building and want them to have identical competitive sets. 

Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Compile a list of links of listings separated by a space or comma in a plain text editor
  2. Click on the "Add comparable" feature found on the Unit Detail page

3. Where it says "Add Comparables" paste the entire list

4. Click "Save"

5. Repeat for each Unit you want to share the same list

That's it! 

A few things to note if your goal is to have pricing be identical across these units:

  • Add at least 10 comparables to each unit.
  • Make sure Base Price is the same for each unit.
  • Make sure Minimum is the same for each unit (on the Units page).
  • Make sure any Rules you've set for one of the units include all of them. Alternatively, set multiple but identical rules for each of them.

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