Perfect Price updates your PMS only what you have turned "on" for updates. This is totally transparent and you have total control over it.

To check if a unit is "on", you'll be checking if that unit is "deployed" via the Units Page. In the image below, both units have been "deployed", because the toggle has been flipped "on".

Perfect Price only updates two things in your PMS:

- Nightly prices (sometimes called rates)
- Minimum nightly stays (note you *must* toggle this "on" via the Units Page)

By default, if turned on, Perfect Price updates the next 365 nights for both. Contact support to enable custom updates beyond 365 days (yes, this is possible!)

Changing to Perfect Price in some PMS systems will turn off weekly or monthly pricing schemes, or it may change the basis for prices for weekly or monthly bookings to the nightly rate from a weekly or monthly rate you manually set. This varies by PMS so please look up the documentation in Perfect Price on your specific PMS, or just ask us in the chat. Perfect Price will not be updating those weekly or monthly rates, but you may notice they change.*

Perfect Price does NOT update:

- Availability, such as changing units to a status like "blocked", or enabling booking during a period you do not allow bookings
- Cleaning fees
- Extra guest fees
- MarkupsĀ for channels like Airbnb or VRBO that you set in your PMS or channel manager

Could Perfect Price ever NOT update something that I have turned on?

Yes, only for Streamline customers. Streamline's staff has to change something on their back end when you first turn on dynamic pricing software. Sometimes this can take up to 24 hours from signing up for Perfect Price. Usually you would still be fine tuning your pricing and not deploying prices yet, but it is possible that you could turn things on before Streamline has fully enabled the integration behind the scenes. If this happens you will see a message in Perfect Price.

*For Enterprise implementations we may be able to update weekly or monthly rates; please contact us by clicking the chat icon on the right hand side of this screen.

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