Congrats on choosing to enhance MyVR with Perfect Price! Here’s a quick getting started guide. As each PMS is a bit different, it’s worth a quick read to know how MyVR interacts with Perfect Price.

Step one:

First, make sure you've created an account with us.

Step two:

Next, choose "MyVR" as your PMS Vendor.

Step three:

You'll be asked to provide the API Token. To retrieve your API Token you'll need to head to MyVR and sign into your account.

Note: Use another tab or page so you can easily toggle back and forth between the pages.

Step four:

Head to "Set Up", then "API & Data Access", and click on "API Access".

Step five:

Click on "Create Access Key" and name the API Key "Perfect Price". Click "Save".

Step six:

Now you have the API Token we requested from Step Two. Head back to our app and paste the API Token you just retrieved. Make sure no additional characters were added to the token. Click "Connect" and you should see a pop-up stating that MyVR and Perfect Price are connecting.

Step seven:

Once the Perfect Price connects with MyVR, you'll receive an email confirmation that the integration was successful!

Congratulations, you're all set! Make sure to head back to where a product tour will automatically launch. This tour covers the basics you need to get started. If you have more time, check out our article on how to edit min/base prices for the first time, and our welcome message for more in depth look on our product. We're excited to have you on board!

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