Now that you've connected your PMS and reviewed all desired properties have transferred over to your account, we'll show you how to edit your comparables so you can begin started with Dynamic Pricing! 

Step one:

Head over to the Unit Detail Page to review and begin editing comparables.

Best Practice when editing comparables: Review comparables for each unit and remove (x out) any that are not comparable; preferably select (check box) 3-5. You're going to want to make sure that the top five listings are as close of a match as possible to your property.

Step Two:

 Refresh the page after your selections are made to reflect the changes.

Step Three:

Head over to the Units Page and click the "Generate Prices" button (It's going to take 1-3 minutes for the pricing jobs to run).

Step Four: 

Now we’ve generated prices! Note: This has also updated the recommended base price for all related properties on Units Page.

Now that the base prices are updated, you can edit your minimum prices which allows even more control over your pricing strategy! 

If you have further questions, you can chat us anytime by clicking the chat button on the bottom-right corner. 

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