Where can I see Comparables?

Comparables are displayed on the Unit Detail page and are properties compiled by our AI that most resemble your property.

Can I edit Comparables?

Yes, you can boost or X out any comparable. (Boosted comparables will never be removed by algorithms.)

If you X a comparable out, refresh the page and it will be removed from the table and chart (and replaced by a new comparable in the chart). 

How are Comparables used? 

Comparables are used in the Overview page to show you what market occupancy is as of this moment.

What does the Comparables tab show?

The Comparables tab shows the top 20 most similar units that the AI found, and allows you to edit them (boosting with a check mark or clicking on X to remove it). It shows their pricing for the next 365 days. 

Can I add my own comparables?

Yes, say you have specific comparables you want to add, simply click "add comparables" at the bottom of the comparables graph in the Unit Detail page.

Then you'll have the option to paste in whichever comparables you wish to add. Easy as that!

What if I see my own unit on the list?

You simply click the "key" icon next to the unit and the AI will be alerted it's your property and adjust accordingly.

How are Comparables chosen?

We collect millions of data points from major booking sites. Our AI then generates a similarity score for each comparable versus your unit across a variety of dimensions. We then select the most comparable (similarity score closest to 1) to display in the application. Dimensions are constantly being improved and updated, and generally include what you would expect–beds, baths, location, how many occupants, and other metadata available on a property.

How accurate is the Comparable Data?

Independent customers have validated that it is 98.5% accurate. The methodology included looking at a sample of properties, and comparing our data to manually collected data from the booking sites.

How often is Comparable Data collected?

We collect data every day or every couple days, depending on algorithms that determine how frequently the property’s prices are updated.

Where does Comparable Data come from?
Perfect Price collects data from leading booking channels like Airbnb and Homeaway / VRBO. 

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