While on the Rules Page, click "Create New Rule" on the right hand side of the page.

Name your rule, and choose the booking and stay nights, days of week, and units/properties you would like your rule to apply to.

Decide if you want an ongoing rule or to set specific dates for that rule. In this example, I'm creating a rule that only applies to Summertime, so my rule will be set to a specific date.

Pro Tip: Remember that you are the expert here. Maybe it makes more sense to go off the dates when Summer School is in session. You can truly cater to your crowd here. 

Lastly enter a positive or negative number into the AI Price Adjustment field. A negative number will reduce the price; for example, “-10” will reduce the prices of the affected properties and nights by -10%. A positive number will increase it; for example “10” will increase the price by $10. Once you click "Save, you'll have the chance to instantly make the rule active.

Note: Rules are off by default. There are 2 ways to turn your new rule on:

  1. You can save your rule and then choose to turn it on in the dialog box that pops up (like shown in the image above).
  2.  You can visit the Rules page which lists all rules, and flip the toggle next to your rule to "activate it".

Note: Rules are applied in chronological order, so if the AI recommended price is $100, and you created a rule last week to increase it 20% and then you create another rule today to increase it 30%, the resulting price will be 100 * 1.20 * 1.30 = $156. If you then add a reduction of $20, the resulting price would be 100 * 1.20 * 1.30 - $20 = $136. You can view the exact process for any day by clicking on it in the Unit Detail page. 

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