There are two ways to set a minimum price for a unit. You can set a global minimum on the Units page. For seasonal minimums, maximums, and other more precise applications, you can use Rules

Minimum and Maximum rules set a min or max price for a specific date or group of dates, and property or group of units/properties.

Click on the Rules tab, and click “Create new rule” in the upper right corner. 

Here you can select specific booking dates, stay dates, stay nights, and properties to apply pricing changes to. 

You will see “Absolute Minimum Price” and “Absolute Maximum Price” at the bottom of the page. 

Enter your minimum/maximum price here, and for any dates and properties selected, this will be applied to your price after all other AI adjustments are made. Make sure to click "save" once you're finished, you'll have a chance to set your rule to "Active" at this point.

Note: Rules are off by default. There are 2 ways to turn your new rule on:

  1. You can save your rule and then choose to turn it on in the dialog box that pops up (like shown in the image above).
  2.  You can visit the Rules page which lists all rules, and flip the toggle next to your rule to "activate it".

Note: The highest minimum and lowest maximum will trump all others. For example, for a specific date if you set 3 minimum rules of $100, $120, and $130, and your global minimum is $90, the price for that date will not be lower than $130, regardless of the order in which you set these rules.

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