Is yours an automated solution? 

Yes, we offer full price automation. 

How often do you deploy prices? 

We deploy prices every night, by default. Enterprise customers can choose different schedules.

How long does it take to deploy prices?

Every customer and PMS is different, but generally a minute to a few minutes. You can see exactly how long it took on the Units page.

How do I update prices on demand?

You simply click the “Deploy & Update Now” button on the Units page and we immediately update the prices in your PMS. 

How often do you collect competitive prices? 

We scrape market prices every 1-3 days depending on the unit specifically, and how often we expect its price to change. 

How often do you pull data from my PMS? 

We pull data at least once per day. 

How do you automate with my PMS? 

Our automation includes pulling booking and property data from your PMS, and then pushing prices and other data back to your PMS

I've added a new property to my PMS, how do I see that change in Perfect Price?

After adding the new property to your PMS and clicking "Generate Prices" via the Units page in Perfect Price, you should see the update within two hours.

What regions do you collect pricing for? 

We currently cover the United States, Canada, Paris and London. We can add additional regions within a few days. Click the chat button on the bottom right if you have a region you'd like for us to add!

What Property Management System does Perfect Price support?

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