The calendar primarily shows future nightly rates.

These prices will be or have been pushed to your PMS.

You can also see minimum stays pulled from your PMS (displayed below), and properties that have been booked (and what was paid that night).

Click a on a date that hasn't been booked to see the nightly breakdown, and what went into the price recommendation.

You'll be able to see exactly what went into the price recommendation including the base price, seasonality, and any rules that may apply.

What if I don't agree with the recommended price for that specific date?

This happens! Our AI is fantastic at recommending a price, however, you're still the expert on your units, so simply enter a new price in the Nightly Rate section and click "update" to update the price. The price break down will reflect this by displaying "OR by xyz", as in the screenshot above. Since Alex was the last person to override nightly rate, the price breakdown reflects this.

Note: Don't forget to hit "Deploy and Update Now" via the Units page in order to immediately push the prices to your PMS. Otherwise, this will automatically be updated during the nightly job runs.

What if the booked price doesn't match what shows on my PMS?

You may notice that a booked price on our end, may not exactly match what's shown on your PMS. This is because what we show is the nightly breakdown of a reservation from the PMS. Because there are discounts, promotions, channel surcharges, taxes etc, that could make the booked nightly rate different from the listed rate.

To be clear: The listed rate in the booked section is an average nightly rate, but the unbooked nights are the recommended pricing.

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