Once your PMS, Airbnb or Smarbnb is connected, prices will automatically generate and be visible on your Units page.

What is the Min Price?

The Min Price is the price with which the AI will never go below (aka the absolute bare minimum price this unit would be approved to rent for). The Min Price must be set in order to deploy prices. This failsafe is important

How do I edit Min Price?

Go to the Units tab > Click on the Min Price box by each unit and add a Min Price.

What is the Base Price?

The base price should be the average off-season, weeknight price of the unit. The AI will recommend one based on comparable units in your market, however view this as a starting point.

If you feel that the Base Price for that unit look to always be too high, lower the base price, or vice versa.

How do I edit the Base Price?

Go to the Units tab > Click on the Base Price by each unit and adjust the Base Price to your liking.

Once you've completed these steps, click Generate Prices to see your updates reflect.

How do I have even more control over unit pricing?

You can set specific minimums for certain days, days of week, seasons, etc. using the Rules page.

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