How do I see prices? 

Once your PMS data is ingested, prices will be automatically generated and visible on your Unit page. These are *rough* prices and you have a lot of control over them. 

How do I change prices? 

Below are two ways to change or update your prices:

First way- Adjusting the global base and minimum prices:

Step one:

Click on the Units tab, and for each unit, enter a base and minimum price. The base price should be average price all year, and the AI will adjust it up and down.

Step Two:

Make sure the min price is a value that's greater than zero.

The global minimum price is the price below which the AI will never go, giving you that added peace of mind. You can also set specific minimums for certain days, days of week, seasons, etc. using the Rules page.

Pro Tip: We suggest a base price based on the comparable properties. This means reviewing and updating your comparable properties will result in a more accurate base price recommendation.

Step Three:

Set the deploy button to "on" for the unit you edited, like so: 

Note: Toggling the deploy button to "on" ensures that your pricing is now "live". Once your pricing is live, the system will automatically push those updates to the PMS during the nightly update. If you wish to push the prices immediately, you can click "Deploy & Update Now".

Second way- Adjusting the price on a specific night using the Unit Detail Page:

Step One:

On the Units or Overview tab, click on a unit to view the Unit Detail page for that specific unit.

Step Two: 

On the Unit Detail page, click a night in the calendar, and enter a new price in the panel on the right. 

This change will be immediate, however you still need to “Deploy” the new price (see below).

Making sure your pricing takes effect: 

After updating/adjusting your prices either of the two ways above, you'll want to click on “Generate Prices" on the Units Page in order to propogate new prices for review.


Click “Deploy & Update Now” if you want the new prices to be pushed to your PMS immediately. 

If you do not do this step, the new prices will simply be automatically updated at the next scheduled time (usually, the next morning).

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